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Rutgers Law School (1980)
Cum laude
Law Review
National Moot Court

SUNY Cortland (1977)
BA Poli Sci.
Cum laude

Kramer Fellowship (1986)
Yale University

Bar Admissions


Areas of Focus

White Collar Defense

I have had a diverse legal career as:  Prosecutor in the Antitrust Division,
United States Department of Justice;  Defense attorney representing clients
in securities fraud and antitrust matters; Plaintiff attorney representing
individuals in whistleblower cases of fraud against the government;
Adjunct professor of law at two law
schools in the Philadelphia area; Compliance counselor to domestic and
international firms; and as an Author of many articles on cartels, competition
and compliance.

 I started my legal career in a regional (Philadelphia) field office of the
Antitrust Division. After seven years I became the Assistant Chief and spent
the last twenty years of my career in DOJ as Chief of the office. I was lead
attorney on dozens of local, national and international cartel investigations
and many jury trials. Some highlights include: the then largest ever fine ($134
million) against a corporation after obtaining a conviction at trial; the
extradition, trial and conviction of a British executive for obstruction of
justice; receiving the DOJ’s John Marshall award (the DOJ’s highest trial
honor); being awarded a Fellowship at Yale University, and leading an office
that was known for its productivity, innovation, integrity, common-sense
approach and an enjoyable place to work.

I have been in private practice since 2013. I’ve had a wide range of experience
in a short time.  The common
denominator is that my long experience and reputation as a federal prosecutor
gives me insight and credibility when dealing with federal and state
attorneys.  I was brought in to represent a “target” in a securities fraud matter.
I negotiated with the Assistant United States Attorneys and the client went from
target to government witnesses who was not prosecuted. 
I represented another individual in a matter with the
Antitrust Division and obtained non-prosecution for a senior executive in a
criminal price fixing investigation. In civil litigation agent the United
States, I successfully represented a foreign company charged with defrauding
the United States.  I have also assisted
in class action antitrust litigation.
I have worked with federal prosecutors when representing clients in qui
tam (whistleblower) actions. After leaving DOJ, I was free to write, and I have
an ABA award winning blog (Cartel Capers). My articles and blog have been often
cited, including by Judge Richard Posner in Motorola
Mobility v. AU Optronics,
775 F.3d 816, 826-27 (7th Cir. 2015). I have also
taught antitrust law as an adjunct professor and given compliance presentations
to corporations both domestic and internationally.

Today, I practice as a solo attorney and take on a variety of matters where my
experience and ability to deal with people (particularly federal criminal and
civil prosecutors) can achieve optimal results for clients without breaking the
bank. While I practice alone, when it best serves clients’ interests, I have
teamed up with some of the outstanding attorneys I have met during my career. I
live in Palm Springs, California but handle matters in federal court

This information constitutes attorney advertising, because if we are a good fit, I’d
be honored to represent you or your company.  I have been admitted to practice before the
Supreme Court and I am a member of the bar in California and Pennsylvania.

Please feel free to give me a call at (215) 219-4418 or email me at bob@reconnollylaw.

Antitrust Division, US Department of Justice

Extradition, trial and conviction by jury of
British executive for obstruction of justice of a grand jury investigation.

Trial and conviction by jury of a Japanese corporation for aiding and
abetting international price fixing conspiracy. Post-trial fine of $134 million imposed.

Trial and conviction of executive for perjury for false testimony in grand jury.

Various other jury trials for national price fixing conspiracies; regional road construction bid rigging and other government fraud trials.

Private Practice


Represented client in US Attorney securities fraud investigation.  Was brought
in after client received a target letter. Obtained result of no indictment of client in return for cooperation.

Represented senior executive in Antitrust Division generic drug price fixing investigation. Negotiated non prosecution/cooperation agreement.

Represented foreign company and its executives in a US Attorney civil litigation.
Government had seized over $2 million of client’s assets.  Assets returned after successful litigation challenging the basis of the seizure.

Represented numerous individuals in whistleblower (qui tam) litigation.  Industries involved include health care, government contracting.  Several confidential multi-million dollar settlements reached.  Other litigation ongoing.

Represented individual in connection with State of New Jersey fraud investigation. State dropped investigation.

Represented company and its executives in unfair competition/false advertising matter challenging conduct of a competitor.



Member of American Bar Association, Antitrust Section Leadership

Panelists on multiple American Bar Association, Antitrust Section presentations

Repeat speaker at Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics conference

Speaker at Ethics and Compliance Officer Association

Adjunct Professor

 I have been an adjunct professor of antitrust law at both Rutgers Law School and Drexel law school for a combined 6 semesters.

Mobility v. AU Optronics, 775 F.3d 816, 826-27 (7th Cir. 2015).  My highest honor
as an antitrust attorney was being quoted at length by Judge Richard Posner in this important antitrust decision. Judge Posner quoted both an article I had written and a post on my blog,
Cartel Capers. 

Cartel Capers:   Since I left the Department of
Justice in 2013, I have been writing a blog covering leading cases and
important issues in cartels, competition and compliance.  Cartel Capers has been named a “Top 100 blog” by the American Bar Association.

United States Department of Justice, John Marshall Award; 2002.  This is the Department of Justice’s highest award for trial attorneys.  Award was based on conviction after jury trial of large international company for aiding and abetting a price fixing cartel.  The company was
fined a then record $134 million;

Yale University Kramer Fellowship (1987); competitive annual award made to an
impactful attorney in the Antitrust Division, Dept. of Justice and FTC.  The award funded a year of study at Yale University School of Law and Yale’s Business School.

DOJ Outstanding Service and Special Achievement Awards;  during my 33 year
career at the Department of Justice I received numerous awards for Outstanding
Service and Special Achievement.

Defense Department Outstanding Prosecutor (1987); recognition by leadership in the Department of Defense for leading multiple
successful investigations and prosecutions of collusion on DOD contracts.

Cartel Capers;  ABA award winning blog on cartels, competition, and compliance


The Bid Rigging Whistleblower:  www.bidriggingwhistleblower:  blog covering whistleblower awards in government contract cases


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